You are currently viewing SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 – Download Subject Wise SAT Syllabus PDF, Exam Pattern, Marking Scheme Here

SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 – Download Subject Wise SAT Syllabus PDF, Exam Pattern, Marking Scheme Here

SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 – Download SAT Syllabus for the academic year 2020-2021 PDF for both SAT reasoning test and SAT subject test and Candidates planning to appear in the SAT 2021 Examination must refer to the SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 as a preparation guide. SAT Exam 2021 is a paper-based standardized test that is used as one of the entrance criteria for admission to universities and colleges in the US. Based on the marks obtained in the test candidates will be given admissions at the University. So, SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 can help you start preparing for your Examination, so check the detailed SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 from this article.

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New Update on : SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 – The College Board has prescribed the syllabus for both SAT reasoning test and SAT subject test. SAT is a pencil-paper based exam that assesses a candidate’s abilities and comprehension of the education obtained in high school. There are two key parts of the test: Evidence-based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math. — of them is further split into two parts. For More Details check the below link or the below sections to get hands-on knowledge on SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 

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What is the SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 for the Reasoning Test?

There are 3 subsections in the SAT reasoning test namely Evidence-based reading and writing, Maths, Writing and Language, and Essay. One may decide not to take the essay test as it is optional. Some colleges ask for SAT tests with essays, so in such situations, the candidates may take the SAT reasoning test along with the essay. 

What is the SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing?

There will be a total of 52 questions from the reading section. All questions will be of multiple-choice type. Candidates will be given 65 minutes to complete the reading test.

In the reading section, the candidates will be given passages that will have some kind of information or arguments. Candidates will have to understand the text and use the information to answer the questions. The length of the passages will vary from 500 to 750 words and each passage will be followed by 10 – 11 questions.

The Reading section of the SAT 2020 syllabus always includes the following items.

  • 1 passage from a classic or contemporary work of U.S. or world literature.
  • 1 passage or a pair of passages from either a U.S. founding document (such as an essay by James Madison) or a text in the Great Global Conversation (such as a speech by Nelson Mandela).
  • 1 passage on a social science topic from a field such as economics, psychology, or sociology.
  • 2 science passages (or 1 passage and 1 passage pair) that examine foundational concepts or recent developments in Earth science, biology, chemistry, or physics.
  • 2 passages accompanied by 1 or more informational graphics.

What is the SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 for the Writing and Language Test?

This section requires the candidates to be a writer and improve the passages that will be given for the test. As per the syllabus of SAT 2020, candidates will have to edit, read, find mistakes and fix them. In this section, there will be a total of 44 questions with multiple choice answers. candidates will have 35 minutes to answer the questions.

As per the SAT Exam Syllabus 2021, Writing and Language passages will have a word length of 400 to 450 words. The passages will be informative/explanatory or notification narratives or arguments, candidates will have to write the essay and answer the multiple-choice questions which will be focussed on improving sentences, structure and approach. Candidates should have a sound knowledge of the subject and verb agreement, noun agreement and parallelism etc

What is the SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 for Maths?

The SAT Exam Syllabus 2021-2021 for maths section tests the candidate’s ability to solve the arithmetic problems, using tools strategically and using the algebraic structure. The maths section of the SAT 2020 syllabus has two subtypes. There is a section in which the candidates will be allowed to use the calculators, while the other section will be a no calculator portion.

The test will consist of a total of 58 questions, out of which 20 questions will be from the no-calculator portion and the remaining 38 questions will be from the portion in which calculators are allowed.

Total number of questions58
Number of questions in no calculator portion20
Number of questions in calculator portion38
Total number of multiple-choice questions45
Student-produced response questions13

What is the SAT Exam Syllabus 2021 for Essay (optional)?

The essay is given at the end of the SAT test; mostly postsecondary institutions determine whether they will require the Essay for admission. It evaluates the reading, analysis, and writing skills of the test takers as the need to produce a written analysis of a provided source text. The time given to complete the task is 50 minutes. The Essay scores are reported separately. As per the syllabus of SAT 2020, one needs to read a passage, explain how the author builds an argument to persuade an audience, and finally support his/her explanation with evidence from the passage.

What is the SAT Exam Pattern 2021?

The exam pattern for SAT reasoning is different from the SAT subject test, and the reasoning will be a three-hour duration test with no negative marking. The SAT subject test will be a one-hour duration test and the questions will be subject-specific, unlike the SAT reasoning test where questions are asked from different topics such as English, maths, reasoning, etc. The details of the SAT exam pattern 2021 are explained below in a table.

SAT FormatSAT(Reasoning) TestSAT Subject Test
DurationThree hours (SAT without Essay)3 hours and 50 minutes (SAT with Essay)SAT Subject test – 1 hour
Number of sections in the SAT (Reasoning) Test
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing,Reading Test,Writing and Language Test,MathematicsEssay (optional)
The overall score range of SAT (Reasoning) Test400-1600
Total number of questions in the SAT (Reasoning) Test154 questions + 1 (optional essay)
Type of examinationMostly objective
Number of Subjects in the SAT Subject Test20
The overall score range of SAT Subject Test200-800

Syllabus 2021 – FAQ

1. What is the validity of the SAT?  

The validity of your SAT score is for a period of 5 years, from the day of the declaration of your SAT Results.

 2. Can we take the SAT exam after Class 12th?  

There are no specific age criteria laid down by The College Board for appearing for your SAT exam. However, since SAT is for admission to undergraduate programs candidates are advised to appear for their SAT while in standard 11 or 12.

 3. What are the sections in the SAT?  

There are two SAT sections: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. The SAT also includes an optional Essay section. SAT Essay scores are reported separately from overall test scores. Some colleges may require that you complete the SAT Essay. 

 4. How do we register for the SAT?  

SAT registration deadlines fall approximately five weeks before each test date. Register online on the College Board website. The College Board may require SAT registration by mail under special circumstances.

 5. What is the duration of the SAT?  

The SAT is 3 hours long. If you choose to take the SAT with Essay, the test will be 3 hours and 50 minutes.