You are currently viewing Pokemon Unbound Cheat Codes. Get Latest Pokemon Unbound Cheat Codes 2021, Pokemon Unbound Pokemon Modifier Cheats, and How o Redeem It?

Pokemon Unbound Cheat Codes. Get Latest Pokemon Unbound Cheat Codes 2021, Pokemon Unbound Pokemon Modifier Cheats, and How o Redeem It?

Pokemon Unbound cheat codes will give the players many free items and unlock new modes and items in the game. Get the complete list of Pokemon Unbound cheat codes Here and All the pokemon generations from I to VII are updated

Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon Unbound is a ROM Hack made by Skeli that is fan-made. Pokemon Unbound has many features like difficulty settings, Max raids, A new mission system, and more. The Villainous Team in the Pokemon Unbound is “The Shadows,”  which is a more violent version of Team Rocket The Gameplay of Pokemon Unbound is similar to that of Fire Red with a custom-made region that has several different towns with different types of land like the Tundra and Deserts.

Pokemon Unbound Cheat Codes 2021

There are no new cheat codes available for Pokemon Unbound in January 2021. The old cheat codes are still active and the players can use those cheat codes to collect free items.

Pokemon Unbound Cheat Codes 2020

The graphic design in pokemon has been updated with the Gen IV sprites, from the overworlds, even the battle backgrounds. The pokemon unbound pokemon modifier cheats, pokemon unbound cheat code, pokemon unbound cheat codes list is given below. 

  • Infinite Rare Candy – 820258400044
  • Master Code to buy Master Balls- 000014D1 000A
  • Master Balls (You can buy them at all Pokemarts)- 82003884 0001
  • Master Code for Everything 1$- 10044EC8 0007
  • Buy everything only 1$- 3C25A344 FD8F451C, AD86124F 2823D8DA
  • Master Code (Must Be On)- 72BC6DFB E9CA5465, A47FB2DC 1AF3CA86
  • Walkthrough Walls (need Master Code)- 509197D3 542975F4, 78DA95DF 44018CB4
  • Infinite HP in battle- 01ff16dd0

How To Redeem The Pokemon Unbound Cheat Codes

Following are the steps to redeem the Pokemon Unbound Cheat Codes:

  • Activate the RNG code with any other code that requires the use of the code.
  • Load the saved game. Skip the ‘Recent Events’ section
  • Look at the Trainer Card. Then press ‘B’ to return.
  • On the Main Menu, press B again to close it. Make sure to use ‘B’ to return to the Main Menu.
  • If this step is skipped then the codes will not work.
  • Now press the button combination for the code that is to be used.
  • Finally, check if it has worked, and then SAVE the game and RESET!

Pokemon Unbound Cheats Mega Stones

Check out the video below to know the pokemon unbound cheats for mega stones. 

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Pokemon Unbound Cheat Codes – FAQs

What is the cheat code for Rare Candy?

Pokemon Fire Red Rare Candy Cheat code is 82025840 0044.

How many missions are there in Pokemon Unbound?

There are 75 missions in Pokemon Unbound.

Are the Pokemon ROM hacks safe?

Yes, the Pokemon ROM hacks are safe.

Can we play Pokemon Unbound on Android?

Yes, Pokemon Unbound can be played on Android.

Which is the Villainous Team in the Pokemon Unbound?

The Villainous Team in the Pokemon Unbound are ‘The Shadows’