You are currently viewing Horimiya Episode 8: Release Date & Time, Countdown, Episode List Details Here!

Horimiya Episode 8: Release Date & Time, Countdown, Episode List Details Here!

Horimiya Episode 8 Release Date & Time – Even before the release, there are questions arising about Horimiya Episode 8 release date & it is one of the most popular web manga series & also had an anime adaptation which is also a big hit. Even though it is a usual rom-com, Horimiya has secured a good place among the anime fans. Check this article to know about Horimiya Episode 8 release date.

Horimiya Episode 8 Release Date

Horimiya is one of the most expected animes in this season. Fans were waiting for the anime adaptation for years & the adaptation is taken over by CloverWorks. Horimiya is the story of Kyoko Hori & Izumi Miyamura and it is a rom-com. The series is based on the Japanese web manga series written by Hiroki Adachi under the pseudonym Hero. The anime of Horimiya has a total of 13 episodes & it was premiered on Tokyo MX on 10/01/2021. Later the license for the series was received by Funimation and started streaming the series through Bilibili, Wakanim, AnimeLab, etc in various parts of the world.

Horimiya Next Episode Countdown

As episode 8 of Horimiya is expected to get released on 27/02/2021, there are around ten days to go for the release at the time this article was written. 

Horimiya Episode List

Following is the list of episodes in Horimiya:

Horimiya Episode Release Date
Episode 110.01.2021
Episode 217.01.2021
Episode 324.01.2021
Episode 431.01.2021
Episode 507.02.2021
Episode 614.02.2021
Episode 721.02.2021
Episode 827.02.2021(Expected)
Episode 906.02.2021(Expected)
Episode 1013.03.2021(Expected)
Episode 1120.03.2021(Expected)
Episode 1227.03.2021(Expected)
Episode 1303.04.2021(Expected)

When Is Horimiya Episode 8 Coming Out?

Horimiya Episode 8 is expected to release on 27/02/2021. There might be slight changes on the release depending upon the international location. Horimiya is directed by Masashi Ishihama & is expected to maintain the factors which are in the manga series.

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Horimiya Episode 8 Release Date – FAQs

1. When is Horimiya Episode 8 releasing?

Horimiya Episode 8 is expected to release on 27/02/2021.

2. Where to watch Horimiya?

Horimiya is available on Funimation.

3. How many episodes are there in Horimiya?

There are 13 episodes in Horimiya.

4. When was Horimiya released?

Horimiya was released on 10/01/2021.

5. When is Horimiya episode 7 releasing?

Horimiya episode 7 is releasing on 21/02/2021.