TenSura: King Of Monster Tier List, Check Complete List Of TenSura King Of Monster Characters Ranking Tier List 2021

TenSura: King Of Monster Tier List, Check Complete List Of TenSura King Of Monster Characters Ranking Tier List 2021, TenSura King Of Monster Global Tier List

TenSura: King Of Monster Tier List, Check Complete List Of TenSura King Of Monster Characters Ranking Tier List 2021 TenSura King of Monster Tier List 2021 has been updated in this article as the fans of the popular title are wondering who is the most significantly powerful TenSura King of Monster character in-game.

TenSura King of Monster Tier List 2021

TenSura King of Monster has a certain type of elements to the game by offering rankings. These rankings in TenSura, determines the TenSura King of Monster tier list for characters available in the game. So, check out more by reading below. Here’s what the TenSura King of Monster tier list actually means:

For Rank A and above, monster ranks are appraised based on their capability to threaten peoples rather than just their separate magicule amount. There are four types of threat levels in TenSura.

  • A Rank, also recognized as Hazard-class

A threat that could hypothetically cause extensive damage to a solitary town or area (Includes the Ranks A+, A and A-)

  • Special A Rank also known as Calamity-class

A threat that could collapse a nation’s government, instigated by the manipulations of high-level Majin and demons.

  • S Rank, (Disaster-class)

Normally pragmatic to demon lords. Small countries would be a no brainer against such a risk, and a superior one would need to spend all its funds to take care of it.

  • Special S Rank, (Catastrophe-class)

This could be realistic to some demon lords, including dragons and their kin, and reproduced the kind of danger that no single country could handle. It would necessitate worldwide collaboration to give the mortal race even a chance at existence

Complete List of TenSura King of Monster Tier List

Gazelle DwargonSolid Tank with self Atk & Def buff and strong single target attackCan’t deal good damage unless the enemy is low HPA
RigurdoTank with AoE type attack (3 target, self Def buff and ally Atk Buff)Lack of damageA
KurobeeDebuff Atk & Def of enemyLow attack and defenceB
Auto Battle Mode RimuruVery good EX skill, AoE skill, good building buff, Rimuru upgrade versionSecond rate special moveS S
RangaLarge damage in AoE + chance of poisoning targetNoneS
SoueiParalyzes targetLow damageB
GabilSelf Speed Buff + Multiple target attackLow attackB
Milim NavaBest damage dealerNoneS S
ShionLarge damage to multiple enemiesEx skill can be important to make her compete against 6-star unitsS
Benimaru3 enemies attack with a chance to confuse the targetLow HP make him weak to any attackA
GerudoVery high HP for a certain unit, buff for self and allies, might be strong with Arts bonus for attackLow base attack stats, more a buffer/tank than a acutal dpsA
Shizu IzawaGood damage dealer in the permanent banner + can paralyze targetsOnly single target damage dealer and doesn’t buff or debuffS
Rimuru TempestLarge damage to multiple enemies + chance of sleeping status + Atk, Def & Speed buff for all alliesBuff only from a special move and slow charging up for the special move( PVP based unit)S
HakuroLarge damage to single target + chance of silence statusLow HP and chance of silence pretty low if skill lvl 1/20A
GobutaTo be UpdatedTo be UpdatedUnknown
RangaIncrease Def of all allies + Confuse status all enemies + Damage to two lowest HP enemies. Really powerful EX skill that buff ally Attack and defence.NoneS S
ShunaGood Atk buffer with the special move fast chargingOnly good to buffA
TraineeSecond best AoE attack of the game + debuff Def, debuff Def for enemy up to 3.Really low HP. Low special charge rate.S
ShizuLarge amounts of damage dealt to single target + chance of sleeping status + Atk debuffWeaker than her 6-stars form in stats onlyS
RigurAtk & Def debuff and damage based on remaining HPLack of damage and only skill damage based skill needs to reduce enemy HP before being effectiveA

Limited TenSura Units Comprised List

ShionBest tank at the moment Great self-buff in Atk & Def and extra-large damage to all enemies + debuff enemy Def for a long timeNoneS S
Milim ValentineOne of the best tanksSpecial skill only deal damage to 1 enemy, so she’s more effective to use in boss fights.S S
Benimaru Oni LivelinessHigh chance to silence + Godly EX lvl 3 skill that constantly does Large attack buff for 3 allies and attack debuff for 3 enemiesMediocre special moveS
Milim Nava Gluttonous Dragon oidAtk buff for ally and poison + paralyze status for enemy Multiple enemies attackOnly special move to deal damage otherwise its full auto-attackS
Rimuru New YearGood damage-dealing specials and green skills + EX skill that constantly buffs that whole team’s speed, fast charging up for special skillLow attack statsS
Ranga Saint WolfHigh attack + EX skill gives large speed boost for allies + Special can confuse?S
Hakuro New YearEX skill gives defence buff for 1 certain ally + Has a really good attack debuff on enemies + Special can confuse the enemies?S
IfritLarge damage in AoE and good single target damage A fruit only so can’t get damage type fruit except if new bring someA
Shuna Shrine Maiden PerformanceDecent special that attacks and buff alliesGreen skill only does small buff, slow charging up for special skillA
Souei SantaEX skill gives large defence boost for allies + Can confuseOnly a single damage dealer. Attack stats on the low sideA
Gobuta SantaEX skill gives large attack boost for alliesMediocre special and green skillsA
Orc Lord100% chance poison can be use as dpsVery Low defence, low HP bad for typeB
Elen ValentineGreat Buffer/Debuffer and controlerNo attack based skillB
Souka ValentineTo be updatedTo be updatedTo be updated

TenSura: King of Monster Tier List – FAQs

 1. Is Rimuru a boy or girl?

He is often confused for a young girl due to the fact that the original form belonged to Shizue Izawa.

 2. Does Rimuru have a love interest?

Rimuru lacks the strength to reproduce and doesn’t have a lifespan so there is no biological reason to love. 

3. Is TenSura light novel finished?

Yes, the TenSura light novel is finished. 

4. Is Rimuru a true dragon?

He converted as a True Dragon after eating and investigating the magical power of Veldora in his battle against Velgrynd.  

5. Is Diablo stronger than Rimuru?

Diablo is Rimuru’s strongest delegated as a subordinate.